Heels, a Teeny Weeny Bikini and a Whole Lot of Faith!

If you’ve ever thought of competing in a fitness or bikini competition, you probably already work out, are in decent shape or at the very least are in semi-good shape.

And you probably look pretty good in a swimsuit.

My Experience

When I embarked on this journey for the first time, I thought: “Heck, I’m in pretty good shape, I can do this. I’ll just workout a little more, diet a little more, maybe go fat-free, skip a few desserts and call it good.”

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Competition prep is a process – for most a 16 week to six month or a year-long process.

My first go at this process was totally half-assed! I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but this site is all about transparency, right?

I figured I’d change a few things here and there and call it good.

Well, even though I did place first in my category (which was fabulous!), there was only one other competitor and she wasn’t in the best shape…

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

So while coming home with a trophy made me happy, I definitely knew I could have done A LOT better. So that’s what I set out to do the next go around!

My second competition was way different – I tried harder, looked a lot better, my abs popped (BOOM!), I was strict with my diet (for the most part ?) and although I didn’t place where I thought I would or should, I felt a whole lot better about my performance.

Thinking about it now – “You didn’t get a trophy, but you feel better about it?” seems a bit weird, but it’s the truth. It was a completely different mindset and goal for myself really.

And I achieved was what I was looking for, which is reason enough for celebration!

Plus, we can’t ever predict what the judges are looking for – they could be into curvy blondes, super fit brunettes or maybe they love redheads with great abs. We just don’t know, which is why you have to set a personal goal for YOU!

And then keep your focus on that goal.

Let’s Talk about You!

So let me ask you a question – what is your goal? What is your why?

Because if you don’t know, you’re only making it harder on yourself than it needs to be.

  • It’s hard not comparing yourself to others.
  • It’s hard sticking to a nutrition plan.
  • It’s hard not having alcohol – really hard some days!
  • It’s hard going to the gym when you don’t really feel like it, and all you want to do is snuggle up in your cozies, eat some chips and salsa and drink a glass (or two!) of wine.
  • But if you set the goal to compete (or any goal for that matter), you have to trust the process.

Nothing happens overnight. Or even in four weeks and sometimes longer!

Trusting the process is not always easy either.

When I caution my clients to trust the process, they are always like, “Oh yeah, I will!” You know until they don’t feel like they can walk out on stage halfway through the process.

A lot changes in the final few weeks of competition prep and you need to trust the process! Because if you follow your nutrition plan and put in the work, you will get there!

You just won’t look “stage ready” until you walk out on stage.

So when you go try on that teeny tiny bikini, before your competition, you may get frustrated….scratch that! You WILL get frustrated. You likely won’t have the tan, and the abs your looking for, but you, my friend, are not through the process. Literally the last couple weeks up until show day, is when the magic happens. I was freaking out up until the day before the show because my abs weren’t showing up, but lo and behold the morning of the show, there they were! This is where I learned what “trust the process” meant.

The Stripper Heels

Bring on the stripper heels! Yes they literally are stripper heels. I bought mine at Sex World, which was really interesting going in to buy;-) My advice is get them early and practice, practice, practice, your boyfriend or husband will thank you.

Wear them around the house, doing laundry, everything. This was huge for me, because I am a HUGE Klutz! I also went to a couple sessions with someone who specializes in the stage walk which was the best investment ever! Had I tried to do it on my own?

Dear God I would have looked like a fool.

Have I completely scared you away from competing? I hope not!

If I can do it, let me tell you, anyone can!

My Why
I’m coming up on the big 5-0 soon and plan to dust off those stripper heels one more time, not to win a trophy, although that’s always nice, but to make and keep a goal for myself, to show myself I can do it, I can stick to a plan, I can be better than I was yesterday, cause yesterday I was eating a lot of carbs and feeling very fluffy!

Are you ready to set a goal?

To compete? Or some other goal?

How do you plan to keep it? What are you going to do to hold yourself accountable?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, whether it’s to compete or to achieve some other kind of greatness in your life, then you’ve already made a huge step in the right direction. Commit to that decision, set it in stone, shout it out to the world… and then go for it. Don’t stop until you get there and never, ever give up!

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