My First Bikini Competition – 2 Weeks Out!

This January I posted my very first bikini competition prep update post (you can also check out my last update here!).

Weekly updates will be a regular feature on the blog as I prepare to compete in The Diva Classic on May 5th, 2018 in Duluth, MN.

My personal trainer, Cindy wanted to compete in the figure division (she’s competed twice before), but it wasn’t in the cards for her this time around. ????

Not sure of the difference? Check out this mega post that breaks it all down for ya!

Read on to see how I fared over the last week and what’s coming up this week:

2 Weeks to Go

Being a fan of tangibly being able to measure my progress, here’s a snapshot of where I’m at in pictures:

Left: I take weekly progress photos with my Instax cameras by Fujifilm (plus my phone), so I can physically see my progress during competition prep.

Top Right: I use my Omron fat loss monitor to assess my body fat percentage each week. We also use calipers from time-to-time at the gym.

Bottom Right: I weigh myself weekly using an old digital scale from my days working for Jenny Craig (here’s a similar one) – I’ve always had a strong interest in health and fitness and helping others become their best selves.

Do I really need to lose more weight?

The short answer? Yep!

I’m shooting for at least 139 (I’m 5’9) and 15% body fat. It’s going to be close – the old fashioned calipers show that I’ve achieved the body fat goal already! Honestly, the scale number doesn’t matter, it’s just a vanity metric at this point.

What happened over the last week:

To keep things nice and to the point, I’m going to offer up a list of highlights/lowlights bullet-point style:

  • I lost almost a pound – things are slowing down on this front, but I’m pretty okay with it!
  • My body fat percentage is more than a percentage point lower and that’s what really matters!
  • I’m continuing to eat super clean – mostly lean protein, broccoli or asparagus, protein shakes and my coveted oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast. I actually crave this breakfast concoction now!
  • My main “cheats” are a handful of berries or dark chocolate chips. Since show day is getting super close, the chocolate for sure will have to stop.
  • I’ve found my taste buds have really started to change! I.e. Blueberries all of sudden taste like CANDY! Crazy, right?!
  • Workouts are still going well – there are just a lot of them! At this point I’m just trying to maintain the muscle that I’ve built and continue to lean out, shedding as much body fat as I can.
  • I picked up my suit and had my final fitting! It’s just as gorgeous as I expected and I’m going to look like a proper mermaid on stage (this will make more sense when you see it!). Jay did an EXCELLENT job!
  • I had my second posing session – even though Heather was a gem, I freaked out a (lot) thinking about the stage part. ???? I’m working through this by reminding myself this is a choice and practicing my posing A LOT!

Pssst… Cindy and I are doing regular video updates via our Facebook page – check em out here!

What’s coming up this week:

We’re two weeks out – holy cow, I’ve been waiting for this!

My main objective is to just stay the course. I.e. Keep showing up at the gym and eating what my husband has lovingly prepared for me. It helps that it’s FINALLY spring here in Minnesota, but the ice cream can only be passed up for so long! ????

I picked out music for my T-walk, so it’s just getting my Mp3 file off to the organizer and making my packing/shopping list next. Man oh man it’s almost here!!

Here’s to another very successful week!

Are you currently working towards a specific fitness goal? Tell us all about it in the comments, so we can cheer each other on!

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