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Kids vs Bikini is a lifestyle blog and community for busy moms who are busting their butts to raise healthy and happy kids while maintaining a sense of self. Just because you spend most of your day running around after your kiddos, doesn’t mean you need to let your wellness suffer in the process.

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Yo, I’m Gina and I’ve always been interested in physical fitness and nutrition.

At just 18 years old, I started working at Jenny Craig as a weight loss consultant, which later turned into a program director and even store manager with the strongest record in our district under my leadership.

Needless to say I’m passionate about getting and staying in great shape and seeing others realize their goals as well.

Partly because I struggle with maintaining a healthy weight myself.

I’m in my mid-30’s, have two primary school aged children and spend most of my time behind a computer screen due to the nature of my work. And even though I try to stay fairly active outside of my working hours, my nutrition could still use a makeover.

Carbs and red wine — totally my downfall in life. 😉

Ever one for self-improvement, I decided in 2017 that I wanted to compete in my first bikini competition. It was set for October 28th, but even though I began training and changing my diet in May, I didn’t end up competing.

Partly I think this was due to not actually signing up — I kept putting it off to “be sure.” And partly this was due to my entering a SUPER busy time in my career and having to prioritize on over the other. Since I’m the breadwinner of our little family of four, work was chose as the priority.

Not one to quit, I convinced my personal trainer (Cindy!) to commit to a fitness competition (me bikini, her figure) in early May, 2018. I also talked her into sharing our journey on Bikini Life Prep.

We hope you follow along and are inspired by our progress to this crazy goal!


Hi, I’m Cindy Laskow.

My fitness journey started over 20 years ago, when I was in my early 20’s watching my mom finish a full marathon. I thought to myself, “Who actually likes doing this?!?”After she finished (and I took the time to really think about her accomplishment – running… 26.2 miles!) AND was on cloud 9, I wondered, “What gives?” I sought out the answer by training with her for my first marathon the very next year. I’ve been pursuing fitness in one form or another ever since!

My love for racing continued for 11 more full marathons, several half marathons, 10k’s, and 5k’s.

It was my way of staying slim… Until I discovered weight lifting that is. It was then I broke up with running. ;-)Lifting weights was the answer to my prayers! I was amazed how I could transform my body through lifting heavy stuff! Needless to say, I was in love.

I started reading tons of magazine articles on the subject, marveling at the physiques of fitness models and competitors. I wanted to look JUST.LIKE.THEM., so day in, day out I lifted weights and read as much as I could. I was in decent shape, but there was still something missing. I knew exactly what it was, but wasn’t sure I was ready to give it up. 🙁

You see, I had been bulimic/anorexic since about the 8th grade. This, and running controlled my life! It was the only way I knew how to control my weight. Until I started lifting. But as I did, I noticed that I didn’t have the strength or endurance to keep up.I was exhausted. Have you ever felt this way?I would read about fitness pros – what they ate, how they worked out and became fascinated with the science of it all. Shortly after I began working the front desk of my local gym. At this gym we had a few female trainers.I began to wonder if I could make a career out of doing this too.

Instead of just wondering, I dove in head first by studying for my personal training certification. Then, why not teach some classes? (Cindy, have you forgotten your debilitating fear of being in front of a group?!?) So, I got my group fitness certification! I was determined to overcome my fear! I started teaching classes, and to this day I still have a bit of fear before every class!

It was during my time studying for my personal training certification that I started learning about nutrition — how nutrition fuels your body for what you want it to do. A light bulb turned on and for the first time since 8th grade – numerous stints in eating disorder support groups and mental therapy – I got it! If your car doesn’t have fuel, you go no whereIf your body doesn’t have fuel (or the right kind of fuel), same fricking thing! Hallelujah, I got it! At the ripe old age of 37, I finally got it!That’s when I knew I could help others – not just those with eating disorders, but everyone, to achieve the body they desire.So many people don’t get it (nutrition-wise) and with so many mixed/misinformed opinions, I get it! It’s hard to know what’s really good and what’s bad. I fell even more in LOVE with what I do. Not only could I help myself, but now I’m able help many others reach their health and fitness goals. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding job!