My First Bikini Competition – 8 Weeks Out

This January I posted my very first bikini competition prep update post (you can also check out my latest update here!).

Weekly updates will be a regular feature on the blog for the next few months. My personal trainer, Cindy and I are competing in The Diva Classic on May 5th, 2018 in Duluth, MN.

She’ll be competing in the figure division and I’ll be doing bikini, so there’s no direct competition between the two of us! ? Read on to see how I faired over the last week and what’s coming up this week.

Pssst… Here are my five top reasons for wanting to compete in my first bikini competition. 

8 Weeks to Go

Being a fan of tangibly being able to measure my progress, here’s a snapshot of where I’m at in pictures:

Top: I use my Omron fat loss monitor to assess my body fat percentage each week. We also use calipers from time-to-time at the gym.

Center: I normally take weekly progress photos with my Instax cameras by Fujifilm (plus my phone), so I can physically see my progress during competition prep. My camera wasn’t working this week… apparently you need to change the batteries every once in awhile. ?

Bottom: I weigh myself weekly using an old digital scale from my days working for Jenny Craig (here’s a similar one) – I’ve always had a strong interest in health and fitness and helping others become their best selves.

What happened over the last week:

A week ago Friday we left SPI, TX after our six week stay to head back home to MN. We left right after dinner and drove through the night so our kiddos could spend the majority of our drive sleeping – making it easier on ALL of us!

Suffice it to say that my eating habits over the weekend while making our way back home weren’t competition diet approved!

Could they have been worse? You bet! But they could have also been a lot better with more research/planning.

I also didn’t get any activity in, unless you count a few laps in the very small pool.

Waking up at home on Monday, I was finally able to get back on track with both my diet and my activity.

I rocked my gym workout by starting with 15 minutes of sprints at 9.0mph (45-60 seconds on, 30 seconds off) and then had my first workout back with my trainer, Cindy. She also ran my Keto profile and I plan to start the Keto diet next week – I don’t have it down 100%, but will share more as I gain a better understanding of it!

What I’m most proud of is that I’m still drinking water as my ONLY beverage – booze-free, baby! This is especially impressive as this was probably my most stressful workweek all year.

My workouts have also gone really well, although my energy level has been dropping as I’ve been cutting carbs. Here’s a fun, 30 second snippet of Tuesday’s chest/tri workout with Cindy. I only worked out 5/7 days this week (I’m shooting for 6/7 days), but did get in two sessions on Friday!

The only downside activity wise is that I’m not getting in as many steps per day as I was while in Texas. We were used to going for a 3.5 mile beach walk every day while down there, so it’s my goal to get in a walk or cardio session towards the end of my workday. This is also a great way to reduce stress, so I’m looking forward to making it happen more often.

I am SO happy to have achieved my lowest weight and body fat percentage to-date too – that’s super encouraging! The last time I weighed 155 was when I found out I was pregnant with Shelbs – she’ll be five at the end of June, so it’s been awhile…

What’s coming up this week:

The kids have Spring Break this week and I have a bunch of work projects that I’d like to make progress on, so it’ll be busy (but when isn’t it?).

I hope to do some reading on the Keto diet this weekend and meal prep on Sunday. I bought this fascia blaster on recommendation from a friend (don’t forget the oil), so figuring out how to use that is also on my to list as breaking up/getting rid of cellulite wouldn’t be a horrible thing to accomplish. We’ll see if it works!

I’m also hoping to get my schedule figured out, so I can fit in all of my normal workouts, my cardio sessions and extra booty band ones too – wish me luck!

I can’t believe we’re 8 weeks out already – the time is going to fly by, but every day is also going to count. I’m committed though and can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Are you currently working towards a specific fitness goal? Tell us all about it in the comments, so we can cheer each other on!

4 thoughts on “My First Bikini Competition – 8 Weeks Out”

  1. Hi Gina,
    I would love to hear your thoughts and see your progress using the Fascia Blaster. I was a powerlifter back in college (a lifetime ago) and I trained to compete in a bodybuilding contest but ended up moving to Mississippi so that never happened.
    Can’t wait to hear and see your results with the blaster. Best of luck!
    PS – I am enrolled in your 30DOL course and member of VA Leads

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