My First Bikini Competition – 14 Weeks Out

Three weeks ago I posted my very first bikini competition prep update post (you can also check out last week’s here!).

Weekly updates will be a regular feature on the blog for the next few months. My personal trainer, Cindy and I are competing in The Diva Classic on May 5th, 2018 in Duluth, MN.

She’ll be competing in the figure division and I’ll be doing bikini, so there’s no direct competition between the two of us! ? Read on to see how I faired over the last week and what’s coming up this week.

Pssst… Here are my five top reasons for wanting to compete in my first bikini competition. 

14 Weeks to Go

Being a fan of tangibly being able to measure my progress, here’s a snapshot of where I’m at in pictures:

Left: I take weekly progress photos with my Instax cameras by Fujifilm (plus my phone), so I can physically see my progress during competition prep.

Top right: I weigh myself weekly using an old digital scale from my days working for Jenny Craig (here’s a similar one) – I’ve always had a strong interest in health and fitness and helping others become their best selves.

Bottom right: I use my Omron fat loss monitor to assess my body fat percentage each week. We also use calipers from time-to-time at the gym.

What happened over the last TWO weeks:

To keep things nice and to the point, I’m going to offer up a list of highlights/lowlights bullet-point style:

  • I let myself take a “bi-week” (football term for having a week off) while we traveled from our home in MN to SPI, TX where we’ll by staying through March 2nd.
  • While I’ve been KILLING IT at the gym (and walking four miles each day on the beach!), my diet has been in “vacation mode.”
  • Bringing my weight a pound above my “starting” point – eek! ?
  • I’m strength training six days per week – shooting for two leg days, one back/bis, one chest/tris and two full body workouts.
  • I’ve also added HIIT sprint intervals to the end of half of those workouts – 10 sets of 45 seconds on (7.5-10mph) and 45 seconds off (4.3 mph).

Pssst… Cindy and I are doing regular updates via our Facebook page – check em out here!

What’s coming up this week:

Now that we’re all settled in and our last set of company is heading home soon, it’s about to get SERIOUS!

Ha! I should have been “serious” the entire time, but sometimes I lack self-discipline. ?

In addition to killing it at the gym (with some new workouts from Cindy!), I plan on:

  1. Actually tracking my food
  2. Snacking regularly with healthy options to curve hunger
  3. Saying no to temptations more often
  4. Wearing my fat burning belt daily

Or mostly getting my nutrition in check! ?

Predicting the Future

As always, a lot of this is going to come down to my diet, which is one big reason that I’m blogging publicly about it. #AccountabilityForTheWin!

14 weeks will go by fast! But as long as I log my workouts, hone in on my nutrition and stop pretending that I’m “on vacation,” I should be good to go.

I’d love to return from Texas at 155 – down from my initial 10 pound loss goal, but more realistic now that I realize how challenging it is!

To a very successful upcoming week!

Are you currently working towards a specific fitness goal? Tell us all about it in the comments, so we can cheer each other on!

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  1. Go Gina Go!! You’ve got this… Thanks for your bravery and encouragement in sharing your journey! Totally inspiring 😉

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